The Magic Elixir Called Coconut Oil

the magic elixir coconut oilOver the past several years the media has bombarded us with conversation about the latest magical elixir called coconut oil.  The market place is a buzz with products containing coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil and coconut butter the likes of anything made with coconut.

When I think about coconuts it brings back pleasant memories of my vacations to Hawaii.  Those pristine beaches with brightly colored golden sands, crystal clear blue water, wonderful warm weather, sunny clear skies, heavenly smells of tropical flowers, lying on sun soaked beaches and lush tropical drinks just waiting for me to take a sip of paradise.

Tourist and local walking around sipping from straws stuck inside two tiny holes in the top of the large brown fruit, flower leis, waterfalls and everywhere you walk you see beautiful lush palms trees everywhere and large brown nuts hanging from under the green leaves. When I look at the trees and coconuts I think of a wonderful surprise and how can I get my hands on one as soon as possible.

After months of research, reading countless journals, books and listening to Natural Doctors talk about the wonders of coconut oil I finally decided to give it a try.  What I discovered was coconut oil can help you lose excess body fat, improve digestive problems and boost the immune system.  Of course there are many other benefits we can gain from adding coconut oil to our everyday life but there are too many to list in this blog.  This fruit is truly amazing, so just give it a try.

Check us out on Friday when we list the 7 Unique Benefits of Coconut Oil, but in the meantime, how do YOU use coconut oil?