Your New Year’s Resolution Solution!!!

New Year's Resolution CCIt’s that time of year again…

Those beautiful lights that once set otherwise ordinary lawns aglow slowly diminish, there are trash bags full of crumpled wrapping paper and Christmas trees line the curb waiting to be picked up, as you scan the radio stations the only thing you can hear that brings back memories of the holiday are the commercials still advertising holiday specials.  And you suddenly realize the holidays are over and if you want 2013 to be different from 2012 you’ll need a better plan not just another New Year’s Resolution but a solution that will make 2013 the best year ever.

As long as I can remember every year many of us make New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st hoping to keep during the year. The list is endless with different types of resolutions we make. Some of the most popular ones are to exercise more, lose weight, quit smoking, stop procrastination, save more money, get out of debt, start a business and maybe even take an exotic vacation. Probably the most disappointing part is that most people don’t stick to their New Year’s Resolutions, in fact they barely make it days, let alone weeks past the New Year.

We often think that if you need to make a change in your life, you shouldn’t have to wait until new years to put it into action.  But, the reason it is a tradition is that it is a powerful mechanism, and requires you to be accountable to the friends and family that you tell.

Whether you think it is silly or not, it is important that you set goals for yourself, health, spiritual, family, travel, finances, and business. Consider your past endeavors and try and look at them in a new light and from a different angle…It isn’t about working harder, and destroying your quality of life…It’s about working smarter!

Breakthroughs can happen anywhere and anytime, but only when you are open to them.  Take some time to examine what is working for you and what isn’t working.  Don’t repeat the same mistakes of last year, or spin your wheels when you don’t have to. Take time to find a real solution to your New Year’s Resolution.

If you want to create a great year and actually stick to your New Year’s Resolutions consider a different solution: hypnosis. I personally feel that Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help you become successful with your New Year’s Resolutions.  Hypnosis is excellent for changing the subconscious mind and helping it get on board with your New Year’s Resolution.  Many of us know what to do but somehow we get off course during the days, weeks and months after we make the resolution.  Hypnosis is a true solution that can help the conscious and subconscious mind learn to work together so you can able to achieve more successes during 2013.

At Balanced Life Wellness we are committed to helping you create and maintain your New Year’s Resolutions that will last all year long.