Benefits of Drinking Coffee

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Happy New Year Everyone,

Hope all of you are having a wonderful new year.

Wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all my readers and wish everyone health & wellness for the New Year.

If you watched the movie The Bucket List, you heard about the most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak. The cost per cup has been as high as $85.00.

The general consensus of the Coffee Industry is that Kopi Luwak tastes terrible. The pretentious Edward Cole played by Jack Nicholson made it a point to drink the coffee to differentiate himself from the rest of the world much to the amusement of his new friend, blue collar worker Carter Chambers played by Morgan Freeman.

Had Edward Cole known about another, much less expensive, exotic coffee that is considered one of the best tasting coffees and, by far, the healthiest coffee, he would have used it in his espresso machine.

This coffee has much less caffeine, does not cause stomach aches, helps people sleep better at night and contains Ganoderma Lucidum, a mushroom extract that has healing powers.

This coffee contains antioxidants that eliminate body toxins, supports the immune System, and is said to rejuvenate and promote longevity. The coffee also helps promote weight loss, reduces mental and physical fatigue and improves your cognitive powers.

I’ve been drinking this coffee for over 2 months and the benefits I’m experiencing are amazing.  My tongue no longer has heavy coating in the morning, sleeping better every night, more energy, my acidic stomach is now calm, my digestive system is eliminating much better and, no jitters or caffeine  crashes,  I’ve lost several pounds without even thinking about restricting my calories.

More importantly, when you drink this exotic blend of coffee, it tastes fantastic, is incredibly satisfying and you feel like you are drinking the most expensive blend of coffee on the market.

Each cup costs only $1.00 and each cup takes less than a minute to make. It literally makes you feel wealthy, like drinking champagne on a beer budget.

I would love for you to try this product and share your success story.  Please email or call for you free sample. 949-554-5003.

To Your Good Health In 2013!