Your Magical Journey

There is magical journey you can take every day; a short drifting, peaceful journey away from the stress of your day, away from any sorrow and pain and away from the challenges that make you uncomfortable and anxious.  Once you have experienced this journey, you can more easily lose weight, sleep better, eliminate procrastination, stop smoking, generate enthusiasm and generate motivation to exercise and to get more done.

Let’s start on this journey RIGHT NOW.

Please lay back… imagine that you are on a soft, warm and very comfortable bed… the lights are low, the phones are off, and there is soft music playing in the background [music starts to play in the background while Pam continues on with her hypnotic suggestions].  Allow your eyes to close gently, take in a deep breath and then let it out slowly, with every inhale you are capturing the tension that is held within our body.  With every exhale you are releasing the tension into the atmosphere around you.  Do this again and again, in-hale, capture the tension, exhale release the tension into the atmosphere where it dissipates.  .  You are feeling your body gradually relax, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes

As your body feels the warm glow of absolute relaxation, you feel your facial cheeks and jaw soften; your face is now completely relaxed, no more tension.  Allow the peaceful feeling to flow down your neck and deep into the muscles on your shoulders.  Continue to inhale and exhale releasing the tension from your chest, your stomach, your arms, your wrist and even your fingers.  Continue this process until you state of absolute relaxation has spread all the way down to the tips of your toes; relaxing your stomach,  your buttocks, lower abdominal area, upper legs, calf, through your ankle over the top of your feet, onto the toes and on the bottom of your fee. .   Slowly and continuously repeat this process, focus on your spine and back ensure that they also feel this continuous peaceful inner feeling.  Feel all your large, strong muscles becoming loose and relaxed.

You have left your wild, taxing and stressful world behind, you are calm, you are relaxed and you are ready for suggestions that will make your life better, more productive, and most important a happier place to exist.

You are reached a level of serenity, of inner peace, because you have taken the time, just a few minutes, to invest in you, your most prized possession.

IT is here in your customized recording where we program the subliminal messages that help you lose weight, sleep better, eliminate procrastination, stop smoking, generate enthusiasm and generate motivation to exercise and to get more done.

Once you realize you deserve to have this feeling everyday; once you realize that you can more easily control your mind and body to serve you better, and once you realize your future is in your hands,  it is then time to expand this happier persona to include all of  your daily experience.

You can have this recording for only $12.95 or you can subscribe to a service where I make for you custom recordings that address your specific goals.

Take this journey every day, to experience this wonderful feeling of serenity at any time and under any circumstances, ask me now for a minute to chat about where you will be in 30 days, 90 days and one year from this date.   Let’s make you powerful, loved and respected.