Is Forgiveness the Key to Finding Happiness?

ForgivenessOver the years I have met many people and all of them had one thing in common they all wanted to know how to forgive someone for past hurts.  When I think back on my life I think of all the times I was hurt, by co-workers who didn’t tell the truth-they got the promotion, lovers who lied about having an affair during our relationship; family members who wronged me in some way and would not apologize, business associates who cheated me out of money or even opportunities, friends who turned their back on me because I didn’t do something their way or the way they thought it should be done.

Even my young daughter made up stories to other because she was angry with me for not doing something she wanted and last but not least forgiving myself for allowing these circumstances to keep me from truly finding happiness.  I’m sure all of you have experienced some type of forgiveness issues throughout your life and or might be experiencing similar situations right now.

Many people search for happiness outside of themselves, thinking if changing their circumstances or if the people around them would change then they would find happiness. What many people don’t realize is that happiness starts from being balanced in mind, body and spirit. On occasion we do not understand that happiness comes from within yet happiness is more than a state of mind it includes the balancing of mind, body and spirit. There are many techniques that can be used to help achieve this personal state of bliss and peace. Some are the most powerful examples below.

One of the ways to finding true happiness is learning to forgive the person(s) that have hurt you in the past.  I’m not asking you to condone what they’ve done but let the universe (God) administer justice.  After your past hurts and wrongdoings have been uncovered, it is important to begin a regiment of self-love, self-discovery and creating healthy boundaries. By choosing the path of love, the student of life can be certain that they will heal and start the forgiveness process.

One forgives the person who has wronged them out of respect and love for themselves. Of course, if a person is having difficulty practicing self-love, then love and respect will be a challenge. Partnering with a therapist and or life coach can be helpful throughout the healing process.

One of the best ways to cultivate inner peace is to practice yoga. Yoga is a form of self-care that involves postures and breathing techniques. These breathing techniques help center the mind and oxygenate the blood at the cellular level. Many practice this ancient art as a form of stress management and well releasing toxins left in the body from un-forgiveness. When they are in their practice, they are helping to unite the mind, body and spirit connection.

Another technique for forgiveness and healing is Hypnosis which allows our subconscious mind to release un-forgiveness and past hurts buried deep inside our spirit.  Hypnosis can be performed by a hypnotherapist or it can be practiced as a form of daily self-care. Many people use this practice to balance the mind, body and spirit and uncover hurts from their past. Once they have uncovered these past hurts, they can begin the healing process and move toward wholeness.

The path of love is the truest way to lead a life that is filled with joy. When one chooses love, they are opening themselves up to all of the possibilities that the universe has to offer. While this journey may be challenging, it offers many rewards to those who are brave enough to travel this paths. Praying, self-hypnosis, life coaching, yoga are all ways to practice forgiveness and provide an inspiration on the path to success. Journaling and using affirmative language (I deserve love, I choose to forgive) are two powerful tools that can be employed by the person who wishes to find daily happiness.

I you are truly looking for a way to forgive and enjoy all the happiness life has to offer I would encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Rumi at Balanced Life Wellness so you can begin your journey to a more balanced life and create the happiness your deserve.

When your mind, body and spirit are in balance you are truly happy!

“Letting Go and Allowing Love to Rule!”