202Relief from pain and discomfort starts with prevention. You have to admit it is better to eliminate the possibility of pain, then to find yourself desperately trying to find a solution. Inflammation is a cause of pain; it is also a cause of discomfort from excessive weight (Obesity), heart conditions, stroke, diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s, Osteoporosis, Allergies including Asthma and Food Intolerances, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia, and a whole lot more negative conditions.



That said, over the years I have had experienced a broken toe, sprained my ankle several times, bruised my knee cap bone which took about a year to heal, had plantar fasciitis and many other injuries which became red, swollen and very painful.  These injuries were on the outside of my body and I could see the inflammation and therefore was able to treat the symptom and over time the injuries healed.  It is easier for us to see external inflammation and take action to resolve the painful issue.  It’s the other kind of inflammation that is more damaging because it is not apparent.


I am talking about internal inflammation; that is inflammation that is inside your body which I call the Invisible thief of Life’s vitality. Most of us live with some form of internal inflammation daily and just think it as a normal part of life.  This belief is very far from the truth. 



When our bodies are full of internal inflammation it is similar to a painful external injury and if left untreated can produce the pain and suffering described above. Internal inflammation in the body can be the root of our pain and is caused by a variety of everyday life factors. This article is about taking the proper steps to decrease the inflammation in daily life which, in-turn, will help lead to an overall better way of living. Following these steps will also help one to keep the inflammation in their bodies from reoccurring or might also help one to prevent inflammation from happening in future.


To reduce inflammation, here are some steps you can take.

 1.The easiest suggested solution to internal inflammation is sleeping.  Sleeping is one of the best ways to help avoid inflammation in the body. When one doesn’t get enough sleep it can affect their work productivity throughout the day, their balance, irritability and can also cause depression. Moreover, it can affect how one thinks and can also increase their blood pressure and the chances of a stroke, especially in those that are older. It is generally recommended that people get between seven and nine hours of sleep a night depending on their specific needs.

2.  The second suggestion is taking Omega-3 supplements.  Omega-3 supplements help reduce inflammation because they increase the size of the arteries and veins throughout the body as well as help to keep veins clear and moving in an efficient manner. Omega-3 amino acids are naturally found in fish and some nuts. Omega-3 amino acids help to reduce triglyceride levels in the body, blood pressure and also help to reduce the chances of a heart attack or other heart problems.

3.  There are many foods that can cause inflammation in the body and in our next article we will provide a list of the top 10 inflammatory foods.  This list will include processed foods, fried foods and especially sugar-rich foods. Majority of manufactured foods that are available to people have a variety of processed ingredients and sugars

4.  Finally, reduce, if not eliminate, your intake of alcohol.  Alcohol is bad for the body and can cause or exacerbate inflammation.


 Please tune in for part 2 on fighting internal inflammation.


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