canstockphoto8061548 (2)The Holidays approach us, it seems in hurry

Bringing again the temptation that gives me great worry

The turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy

I’ll devour a quantity that could feed a great Navy


The stuffing, the ice cream, the cakes and the pie

I’ll be a glutton until January, when again I’ll ask why

Why is my waist the size of a house?

Why can’t I wear by biggest stretch blouse?


Why did I eat all the candy and cheese?

Why did I answer to seconds, “Yes please!”

Why is it that I surrender my will?

Eating carbs and sugar; never feeling my fill


Why can’t I stop with just a little taste?

Why does my best friend have such small waist?

How does she curb her appetite with such ease?

Please tell me her secret, I’m begging you please


Let this be the January I wake with much pride

Noticing my hips is a little less wide

When I step on the scale without a tinge of guilt

And see such a small number instead of the word “Tilt”


Ummmmm Turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, lots of butter, cranberry sauce, stuffing, Whipped Cream piled high on Pumpkin and on Cherry Pie, had to have a piece of both.   The taste is incredible and the urge to splurge is well beyond the boundaries of reason.  Just when Thanksgiving is over, the holiday parties start and it would be rude to turn down all the dishes placed before your eyes.   Then there is Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Dinner and the inevitable New Years dinner party and celebration. 

TRAUMA THURSDAY MORNING, January 2, 2014, finds you stepping on a scale, AND IT GROWNS, while you are whispering, Shessh!  When you look in the mirror the reflection reminds you of an distorted amusement park mirror and you ask yourself, why does my tummy and my bottom look so big … then you burp!

We have the power to change the future, STARTING RIGHT NOW!  We can have the power to enjoy the taste of fine holiday food without over indulging. You see, IT’S NOT EATING good tasting food that causes Trauma Thursday, IT’S OVEREATNG.  The TRICK/SECRET to eating right during the holiday season, involves implementationof “TRIGGERED LIMITS”; a Balanced Life Wellness tool.

With TRIGGERED LIMITS, you do not have to consciously fight the urge to eat, and eat and eat.  you will automatically serve yourself a reasonable “taste” quantity of your most enjoyable foods; feel satiated when you have completed your Balanced Meal and turn Trauma Thursday into Triumphant Thursday, for you will have defeated the Holiday Temptations.

It is about being polite, satiated, and guilt free.

There is an additional benefit of TRIGGERED LIMITS; 2014 Weight, Nutrition and Exercise Resolutions you can keep without fear, without reservation and with incredible results.  Your new meal plan will be easy to follow, your exercise schedule will be automatic and your weight will move in the desired direction with little or no deviation temptation.

To learn more about the Balanced Life Wellness “TRIGGERED LIMITS” tool, please call….


To Hear or Not Hear – Part 2 of 2


As promised in part 1 of my blog “To Hear or Not Hear” my progress with the Meniere’s disease symptoms has taken a turn for the better. The vertigo is completely gone and my upset stomach has settled.   My ear still has a very dull ache but it’s only occasionally.  I’m acutely aware of my right ear and that the symptoms I had ignored for the past couple of month.  I’ve also became more aware of certain types of food along with stress levels and the barometric pressure outside.  This blog will focus on causes, diet and treatment of Meniere’s disease. 

Meniere’s Disease Diet

Diet can be a contributing factor or cause of Meniere’s disease; so many patients see improvements by making dietary changes immediately. Because caffeine and alcohol use can cause symptoms, patients are advised to cut both caffeine and alcohol use from their diets. Sodium, which contributes to water retention, can worsen symptoms. Foods rich in sugar, such as desserts and candy, can also exacerbate Meniere’s disease, so many patients limit sugar or avoid it completely.


Stress and Healthy Active Lifestyle


Stress, anxiety and depression can all adversely affect Meniere’s disease. Patients can experience a significant exacerbation of their symptoms during such times. Although we do not know the exact reason why stress can exacerbate Meniere’s Disease, it might have to do with neurotransmitters. These are important chemicals which act in the brain and are necessary for proper mood, and a normal mental state. An upset in the balance of neurotransmitters can be caused by stress and anxiety. This in turn can possibly affect the areas of the brain which interact with the inner ear and balance system. As patients with Meniere’s Disease can have a susceptible or “weak” inner ear, it may be more sensitive to stress and anxiety. Proper nutrition, exercise on a regular basis, and the use of relaxation techniques are all important for reducing stress and anxiety.


Causes, Incidence and Risk Factors

Meniere’s disease affects about one in 1,000 people, especially between the ages of 40 and 60. Although doctors believe that Meniere’s disease is caused by abnormalities relating to inner-ear fluid, they do not know exactly what causes it. Food allergies and seasonal allergies can contribute to the disorder. Stress, recent viral illness, smoking, respiratory infection and lack of sleep can also cause or worsen the disorder. About one in five patients has a known family history of Meniere’s disease, but most have no family history of the disorder.


Possible Triggers in Your Environment

I’ve noticed an increase in pressure in their ears when there are barometric changes in the atmosphere. It sounds far-fetched, but low pressure systems seem to put lots of pressure on the ears. I feel like the weather person when its heavy damp weather outside this tends to spark attacks. Doctors may or may not agree but this is a common observation by Meniere’s sufferers.

There is of course nothing you can do about changes in the weather or air pressure, but it would be perhaps wise to eliminate as many other possible triggers in your life as you can at this time to give yourself a chance.

Allergies from the air and sinus problems seem to be a factor with many people. Hay fever and the like, causing inflammation around the nasal passage and sinuses and clogging up the ears with pollen would seem an obvious candidate and many people do seem to have problems with this. 

Wearing a mask during allergy seasons and steaming the sinuses clear regularly may help. More on possible environmental triggers below.

Household Chemicals can also contribute to an onset of symptoms. Over the past several weeks I have read stories of people stopping the use of certain household cleaners and there symptoms when away.

Treatment of Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease it appears so far has not obvious prescriptive cure yet, but several treatments can improve symptoms. Motion sickness drugs help many patients, and antihistamines are valuable for those with Meniere’s related to respiratory infection, recent viral illness or allergies. Quitting smoking and eating a diet low in sodium is valuable, as is reducing stress and avoiding fatigue and lack of sleep. Diuretics, rehabilitation, middle ear injections and surgery are also used to treat Meniere’s disease.  Acupuncture and treatment with essentials oils has been very helpful for me.  I apply and drop of Frankincense oil along my right earlobe and along the ridge of my chin and the ache completely disappears.


In conclusion, there are many things commonly encountered on a daily basis that can exacerbate Meniere’s Disease. What I’ve found through my research is general guidelines that include proper diet and lifestyle changes can allow the majority of people with this condition to live a normal healthy life.


To Hear or Not Hear – Part 1 of 2


Last week I wasn’t one of my best weeks. On Saturday I woke up with the room spinning, upset stomach and just plain not feeling my energetic self. I remember taking a walk to the beach and when I returned home I felt completed exhausted. On Sunday morning the room was spinning out of control so much so I wasn’t able to attend mass. I pretty much stayed in bed the entire day which is very unusually for me. By Monday I was feeling a bit better with the expectation of the spinning room, whenever I laid on the right side of my body the room would spin out of control and as soon I rolled over the my left side everything was back to normal. Several months ago I had a sinus infection and thought it might be still hanging since the barometric pressure was very low in my area. I continued to have vertigo and the upset stomach with no apparent reason so by Wednesday I decided to see my family doctor.

During my visit my doctor asks, had I ever had this type of feeling before and if so when and how long had it lasted.  In 1987 I started experiencing symptoms of vertigo and my head filling up with air along with an upset stomach for no apparent reason shortly after I moved to Orange County.  Of course I thought it was just the change in climate.  The symptoms lasted 2 weeks and because they were so severe I wasn’t able to drive or go to work.  Once they were gone I never gave it a second thought until the symptoms seemed to magically reappear last week.  Well to make a long story short I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease during my office visit.

What is Meniere’s Disease?

Meniere’s disease is an inner ear disorder usually affecting one ear. Discovered by Prosper Meniere, a French doctor, Meniere’s disease has unknown causes and is unpredictable. The disorder is more common in those in their 40s and 50s but can affect those of any age and children are rarely afflicted.

Many times it is progressive starting with vertigo (unbalance) and/or tinnitus (ringing in the ears) attacks and progressing with more frequent attacks and hearing loss. For some the vertigo is severe enough to be debilitating with dizziness and nausea.

The cause is not known but is related to the structure of the inner ear. The vestibular organ (also called the semicircular canals) includes the endolymphatic sac and duct that helps control the fluid in the inner ear that are key to the body’s system of balance. It is believed that Meniere’s disease results when the endolymphatic sac or duc is inflamed, damaged, scarred, or deformed from birth or this system of fluids is disrupted in other ways. Some reasons noted that might cause such disruption include ear infections, upper respiratory tract infection, or head injuries. Also there is some connection to the herpes virus, syphilis, multiple sclerosis, and thyroid disorders.

In many cases, sufferers are able to enjoy a higher quality of life thanks to modern treatments. Below is a deeper look at Meniere’s disease and its symptoms and causes as well as foods and medical treatments used to reduce symptoms.

Symptoms of Meniere’s Disease

Vertigo, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, palpitations and sweating are common symptoms that strike without warning and can last for hours. Over time, hearing loss may become severe. The disorder’s symptoms are divided into early, middle and late stages. All symptoms are present in the early stage, but vertigo is reduced in the middle stage as hearing loss and tinnitus becomes more severe. Periods in which symptoms are absent are common during this stage. In the late stage, vertigo may disappear completely while problems with balance remain. In addition, hearing loss and tinnitus grow worse, and balance may become more difficult after dark. Fatigue usually occurs after episodes, and anxiety and depression are common over the long term.

Please tune in for part 2 on to hear or not to hear and my progress.

If you know anyone who has this disease please feel free to make comments and or share their treatment success. Please email with any questions or comments at pam@balancedlifewellness.org to set up a meeting to answer any questions.

Nutritional Labels Made Easy

I’ve often seen people trying to read and understand nutritional labels only to end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  In this newsletter is an informational video that should dispel the mystery behind the dreaded nutritional label.

Please feel free to leave any comments!




During my last blog I presented the idea that relief from pain and discomfort starts with prevention.  In other words it is much better to act before you are in pain to prevent pain.  We reviewed how inflammation is a cause of pain; it is also a cause of discomfort from excessive weight (Obesity), heart conditions, stroke, disbetes, MS, Parkinson’s, Osteoporosis, Allergies including Asthma and Food Intolerances, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ana Fibromyalgia, and a whole lot more negative conditions.

I introduced the concept of internal inflammation, inflammation that is inside your body AKA the Invisible thief of Life’s vitality. We discussed how many people suffer with the misconception that we must live with some form of internal inflammation daily and just think it as a normal part of life.  This belief, we learned, is very far from the truth.

In part 1 we listed some steps the help you reduce inflammation.  In this article I will list some foods that are linked to obesity and thus can cause internal inflammation in the form of diseases and death.

  1. Sugar: Sugar is everywhere. Try to limit your intake of processed foods, desserts and snacks with excess sugar. Opt for fruit instead. (NOTE: Learn to read “Nutrition Labels” (The subject of our next blog).
  2. Common Cooking Oils: Safflower, soy, sunflower, corn, vegetable and cottonseed. These oils promote inflammation and are made with inexpensive and sometimes harmful ingredients.
  3. Trans Fats:Trans fats are the bad guys; they increase bad cholesterol, promote inflammation, obesity and resistance to insulin. Trans Fats are added to some foods to promote the taste.  Trans Fats are found in most fried foods, fast foods, commercially baked goods, such as some peanut butters, and foods containing partially hydrogenated oil, margarine and vegetable oil.  Avoid the Bad Guys.
  4. Dairy: While kefir and some yogurts are acceptable, dairy is hard on the body. Milk is a common allergen that can trigger inflammation, stomach problems, skin rashes, hives and even breathing difficulties.
  5. Feedlot-Raised Meat: Animals who are fed with grains like soy and corn contain high inflammation. This inflammation can be transferred to individuals who consume the meat.  Feedlot-Raised animals also gain excess fat and are injected with hormones and antibiotics to increase their weight. Always opt for organic, free-range meats that have been fed natural diets.
  6. Red and Processed Meat: Red meat contains a molecule that humans don’t naturally produce called Neu5GC. (Check out the video below on Neu5GC).
  7. Once you ingest this compound, your body develops antibodies which may trigger constant inflammatory responses. Reduce red meat consumption and replace it with poultry and fish.  You can eat lean cuts of red meat, once a week at most. If you can, find meat that comes from animals who have been grass fed, rather than grain fed.
  8. Alcohol: Regular consumption of alcohol causes irritation and inflammation to numerous organs, which can lead to cancer.  People who consume allot of alcohol don’t really care until the doctor gives them a prognosis of only a few months or years.  Then, they become very concerned.
  9. Refined Grains: “Refined” products have no fiber and have a high glycemic index. They are everywhere: white rice, white flour, white bread, pasta, pastries… Try and replace with minimally processed grains.
  10. Artificial Food Additives: Aspartame and MSG are two common food additives that can trigger inflammation responses.  Omit Aspartame, MSG and other harmful additives from your diet. NOTE: Learn how to read ingredient labels; the subject of another future blog.
  11. Listen to Your Body: Do you constantly have headaches or feel tired? Sometimes, you may develop an allergy to a food and not even know it. Coffee, certain vegetables, cheese… there might be a trigger you aren’t even aware of. Try and take a few foods out to see how you feel and slowly incorporate them back in to see if there might be a hidden culprit lurking in your diet!   There will be a future article just on the subject of listening to your body and changing your life style for a better, more vibrant and healthier life.

While there are many other foods that can cause inflammation, these are the easiest to identify and to reduce or eliminate. Avoiding these types of foods can help to relieve the inflammation in the body.

In another blog, we address how an active life style can help you reduce and eliminate inflammation in your life and thus increase the quality and length of your life.  For now, let us just address your diet and how you can be proactive; the person in charge of your health, wealth and happiness.




202Relief from pain and discomfort starts with prevention. You have to admit it is better to eliminate the possibility of pain, then to find yourself desperately trying to find a solution. Inflammation is a cause of pain; it is also a cause of discomfort from excessive weight (Obesity), heart conditions, stroke, diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s, Osteoporosis, Allergies including Asthma and Food Intolerances, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia, and a whole lot more negative conditions.



That said, over the years I have had experienced a broken toe, sprained my ankle several times, bruised my knee cap bone which took about a year to heal, had plantar fasciitis and many other injuries which became red, swollen and very painful.  These injuries were on the outside of my body and I could see the inflammation and therefore was able to treat the symptom and over time the injuries healed.  It is easier for us to see external inflammation and take action to resolve the painful issue.  It’s the other kind of inflammation that is more damaging because it is not apparent.


I am talking about internal inflammation; that is inflammation that is inside your body which I call the Invisible thief of Life’s vitality. Most of us live with some form of internal inflammation daily and just think it as a normal part of life.  This belief is very far from the truth. 



When our bodies are full of internal inflammation it is similar to a painful external injury and if left untreated can produce the pain and suffering described above. Internal inflammation in the body can be the root of our pain and is caused by a variety of everyday life factors. This article is about taking the proper steps to decrease the inflammation in daily life which, in-turn, will help lead to an overall better way of living. Following these steps will also help one to keep the inflammation in their bodies from reoccurring or might also help one to prevent inflammation from happening in future.


To reduce inflammation, here are some steps you can take.

 1.The easiest suggested solution to internal inflammation is sleeping.  Sleeping is one of the best ways to help avoid inflammation in the body. When one doesn’t get enough sleep it can affect their work productivity throughout the day, their balance, irritability and can also cause depression. Moreover, it can affect how one thinks and can also increase their blood pressure and the chances of a stroke, especially in those that are older. It is generally recommended that people get between seven and nine hours of sleep a night depending on their specific needs.

2.  The second suggestion is taking Omega-3 supplements.  Omega-3 supplements help reduce inflammation because they increase the size of the arteries and veins throughout the body as well as help to keep veins clear and moving in an efficient manner. Omega-3 amino acids are naturally found in fish and some nuts. Omega-3 amino acids help to reduce triglyceride levels in the body, blood pressure and also help to reduce the chances of a heart attack or other heart problems.

3.  There are many foods that can cause inflammation in the body and in our next article we will provide a list of the top 10 inflammatory foods.  This list will include processed foods, fried foods and especially sugar-rich foods. Majority of manufactured foods that are available to people have a variety of processed ingredients and sugars

4.  Finally, reduce, if not eliminate, your intake of alcohol.  Alcohol is bad for the body and can cause or exacerbate inflammation.


 Please tune in for part 2 on fighting internal inflammation.


If you want to know more before the next post please feel free to email me at pam@balancedlifewellness.org to set up a meeting to answer any questions.


Being a Playful Child!

Butterflies pictureAre You Having Fun?

With spring in the air it reminds me of when I was as kid and knew how to have fun without money or needing something to excite my imagination. It’s been a long time but I can still remember as if it were yesterday, when my parents would tell my sister and myself we were going to Disneyland. My eyes would light up and my imagination would start running away thinking about Mickey, Minnie, the parades and all the wonderful rides.

I would imagine gathering E-Tickets so I could ride the Matterhorn over and over and over again. I would start day dreaming about a big cold scoop of Dole Whip probably one of the best deserts I’ve ever had and can only be purchased at Disneyland. That was the most exciting adventure. I miss that child and I miss my adventures. I’ll bet a dollar to a donut there is a child inside of you just waiting to come out. If you were to release that child what would he or she do?

We can all conjure up whimsical care free childhood memories. You know the ones; where it was just about having fun and nothing more. These are the memories and skills we can draw upon to bring about greater contentment and peace as an adult. You must go back to using your imagination, giggling so hard you forgot what’s funny, getting silly at times, and remembering just being a kid. This doesn’t mean you should rush off to the office and do the monkey-dance on your desk. You still have to appear as an adult; you must maintain decorum. However, you should weave the kid back into your life whenever possible.

Surprisingly to some, remembering childhood simple joy and innocence is one of the best ways to get started on the way to a happy and balanced life. Do you remember when life involved less necessity and responsibility?

When you are a child, you are in a totally different mental stage; you are more innocent, concerned with fun, always coming up with something curious or interesting. This is the natural way of things.

Happiness – it’s the ultimate goal. I’m going to challenge you with a couple of questions, ask yourself, “When am I content?” “When and am I happy? “What makes me laugh?” “What make me giggle?”

Consider these six fun exercises to help you develop your imagination.

1. Purchase a beautiful kite – take it for a spin at your local beach or park. Imagine soaring with the kite and going too far way places.

2. Head to a local park or school yard and swing on the swings, slide down the slide, play in the sandbox.

3. Go to the beach a build a beautiful sandcastle and imagine it your new home.

4. Spend a couple of hours at a fun zone or even Disneyland and just watch how much the children are enjoying themselves.

5. Pretend you are a secret super hero whose work saves the world.

6. Be like a 2 year old and ask as many questions as possible about anything and everything.

Let your imagination be your entertainment guide and stress management tool.

When you were a child I’m sure your parents said grow-up! I’m suggesting for a few minutes every day you “grow-down” and go back to allow your playful child to come out and have some fun.

Bringing childhood fun and imagination back into your life may take a little practice, but the benefits can be great. Once you’ve successfully integrated these techniques in your daily life, you may also discover additional, unintended benefits, aside from those relating to entertainment. You may find yourself feeling more carefree and better able to handle life’s stressors. You may also find more inner peace or more in-tune awareness and empathy for others.

If a happy and balanced life is your goal, give this a shot for a week or two. You may be surprised at the effects of tapping back into the child you’ve locked away for so long. Good luck, and have fun.

Please share your childhood experiences below!

Is Forgiveness the Key to Finding Happiness?

ForgivenessOver the years I have met many people and all of them had one thing in common they all wanted to know how to forgive someone for past hurts.  When I think back on my life I think of all the times I was hurt, by co-workers who didn’t tell the truth-they got the promotion, lovers who lied about having an affair during our relationship; family members who wronged me in some way and would not apologize, business associates who cheated me out of money or even opportunities, friends who turned their back on me because I didn’t do something their way or the way they thought it should be done.

Even my young daughter made up stories to other because she was angry with me for not doing something she wanted and last but not least forgiving myself for allowing these circumstances to keep me from truly finding happiness.  I’m sure all of you have experienced some type of forgiveness issues throughout your life and or might be experiencing similar situations right now.

Many people search for happiness outside of themselves, thinking if changing their circumstances or if the people around them would change then they would find happiness. What many people don’t realize is that happiness starts from being balanced in mind, body and spirit. On occasion we do not understand that happiness comes from within yet happiness is more than a state of mind it includes the balancing of mind, body and spirit. There are many techniques that can be used to help achieve this personal state of bliss and peace. Some are the most powerful examples below.

One of the ways to finding true happiness is learning to forgive the person(s) that have hurt you in the past.  I’m not asking you to condone what they’ve done but let the universe (God) administer justice.  After your past hurts and wrongdoings have been uncovered, it is important to begin a regiment of self-love, self-discovery and creating healthy boundaries. By choosing the path of love, the student of life can be certain that they will heal and start the forgiveness process.

One forgives the person who has wronged them out of respect and love for themselves. Of course, if a person is having difficulty practicing self-love, then love and respect will be a challenge. Partnering with a therapist and or life coach can be helpful throughout the healing process.

One of the best ways to cultivate inner peace is to practice yoga. Yoga is a form of self-care that involves postures and breathing techniques. These breathing techniques help center the mind and oxygenate the blood at the cellular level. Many practice this ancient art as a form of stress management and well releasing toxins left in the body from un-forgiveness. When they are in their practice, they are helping to unite the mind, body and spirit connection.

Another technique for forgiveness and healing is Hypnosis which allows our subconscious mind to release un-forgiveness and past hurts buried deep inside our spirit.  Hypnosis can be performed by a hypnotherapist or it can be practiced as a form of daily self-care. Many people use this practice to balance the mind, body and spirit and uncover hurts from their past. Once they have uncovered these past hurts, they can begin the healing process and move toward wholeness.

The path of love is the truest way to lead a life that is filled with joy. When one chooses love, they are opening themselves up to all of the possibilities that the universe has to offer. While this journey may be challenging, it offers many rewards to those who are brave enough to travel this paths. Praying, self-hypnosis, life coaching, yoga are all ways to practice forgiveness and provide an inspiration on the path to success. Journaling and using affirmative language (I deserve love, I choose to forgive) are two powerful tools that can be employed by the person who wishes to find daily happiness.

I you are truly looking for a way to forgive and enjoy all the happiness life has to offer I would encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Rumi at Balanced Life Wellness so you can begin your journey to a more balanced life and create the happiness your deserve.

When your mind, body and spirit are in balance you are truly happy!

“Letting Go and Allowing Love to Rule!”



What Are Your Grateful For Today?

Wedding Day 2003

Gratitude; thankfulness or appreciation, positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.

My husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on March 29th.   Over the past several weeks we have been discussing plans for celebrating this wonderful occasion.  We finally decided on dinner at a local restaurant and a night of reminiscing and how grateful we are to have found each other.

Many things have changed since we first got married ten years ago but one thing hasn’t changed: my love and gratitude for finding a man that truly makes me feel special and can make me smile.

We finally started a home business and now work together which I never thought would happen and it been great because we share different perspectives on the same issues regarding the business.  We don’t always agree on things but always thank God for bringing us together.

Since this article is about gratitude I thought I take a moment to tell you a story I experienced several weeks ago.  It was Tuesday afternoon and I arrived at my office to complete some projects.    Later that morning I decided to stop and chat with several of the other tenants in my building to find out how business was going and so on. I asked a couple of tenants how they were doing and one replied “great.”  The other said, “better than yesterday,” and I asked what had happened yesterday that caused it to be such a bad day.  He replied, “my wife was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer twenty three hours ago and my family is devastated.”  As he begin to tell me the story I felt as if I was going to breakdown and start crying but I held back the tears.  The look on his face while he continued to describe how the events had unfolded was heart wrenching and I could hardly keep the tears from flowing.  All I could say was something cliche I knew things will work out for you and your family.

After I left his office I began to realize that no matter how unstable the economy was or my new business I had no health conditions that would prevent me from earning an income and living live to the fullest.

My family never needed to plan for my funeral or worry about catastrophic expenses from chemotherapy or radiation treatments that might be needed for this type of condition.  I began to realize I needed and attitude adjustment and with that adjustment I started to feel grateful for my health, family, friends, new business, my relationship with God and the ability to earn an income.  At that moment I knew I had to dedicate my blog to Gratitude.

If you still can’t find the gratitude in everyday life or simple everyday things I have included a short guided meditation recording to help you start to develop such and attitude.

If after listening to this recording you still need a little help please feel free to make an appointment with me and together we will help your achieve an attitude of gratitude.

What Are Your Grateful For Today

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
~ Melody Beattie ~


Your Magical Journey

There is magical journey you can take every day; a short drifting, peaceful journey away from the stress of your day, away from any sorrow and pain and away from the challenges that make you uncomfortable and anxious.  Once you have experienced this journey, you can more easily lose weight, sleep better, eliminate procrastination, stop smoking, generate enthusiasm and generate motivation to exercise and to get more done.

Let’s start on this journey RIGHT NOW.

Please lay back… imagine that you are on a soft, warm and very comfortable bed… the lights are low, the phones are off, and there is soft music playing in the background [music starts to play in the background while Pam continues on with her hypnotic suggestions].  Allow your eyes to close gently, take in a deep breath and then let it out slowly, with every inhale you are capturing the tension that is held within our body.  With every exhale you are releasing the tension into the atmosphere around you.  Do this again and again, in-hale, capture the tension, exhale release the tension into the atmosphere where it dissipates.  .  You are feeling your body gradually relax, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes

As your body feels the warm glow of absolute relaxation, you feel your facial cheeks and jaw soften; your face is now completely relaxed, no more tension.  Allow the peaceful feeling to flow down your neck and deep into the muscles on your shoulders.  Continue to inhale and exhale releasing the tension from your chest, your stomach, your arms, your wrist and even your fingers.  Continue this process until you state of absolute relaxation has spread all the way down to the tips of your toes; relaxing your stomach,  your buttocks, lower abdominal area, upper legs, calf, through your ankle over the top of your feet, onto the toes and on the bottom of your fee. .   Slowly and continuously repeat this process, focus on your spine and back ensure that they also feel this continuous peaceful inner feeling.  Feel all your large, strong muscles becoming loose and relaxed.

You have left your wild, taxing and stressful world behind, you are calm, you are relaxed and you are ready for suggestions that will make your life better, more productive, and most important a happier place to exist.

You are reached a level of serenity, of inner peace, because you have taken the time, just a few minutes, to invest in you, your most prized possession.

IT is here in your customized recording where we program the subliminal messages that help you lose weight, sleep better, eliminate procrastination, stop smoking, generate enthusiasm and generate motivation to exercise and to get more done.

Once you realize you deserve to have this feeling everyday; once you realize that you can more easily control your mind and body to serve you better, and once you realize your future is in your hands,  it is then time to expand this happier persona to include all of  your daily experience.

You can have this recording for only $12.95 or you can subscribe to a service where I make for you custom recordings that address your specific goals.

Take this journey every day, to experience this wonderful feeling of serenity at any time and under any circumstances, ask me now for a minute to chat about where you will be in 30 days, 90 days and one year from this date.   Let’s make you powerful, loved and respected.