What Clients Are Saying

BLW has really fueled my desire to pull my nutrition into sync with my exercise program.  Now I am eating so much healthier and have lost 13 pounds in 12 weeks
Pam also did a wonderful job working with my daughter.  She had a weight problem all through high school and it was so hard on her.  Before she left for college, she started working with Pam and lost a total of 30 inches!
Thank you Pam for changing my daughter’s life and mine!

Elizabeth, Dana Point

BLW has been an awesome experience for me.  After years of struggling to keep my weight at a healthy level I made a commitment to follow the nutrition and exercise recommendations from Pam.  It has been a lot easier than I expected.  I have not had any cravings and have been able to decline favorite unhealthy foods.  I have more energy and am starting to enjoy exercising.  I have lost two pant sizes since I started 12 weeks ago.  I am enjoying all of the compliments I am getting on my new figure.

Thank you so much!!
Amy, Aliso Viejo

BLW is Great!  I have learned that I cannot do it alone.  Pam is encouraging and she helps you stay very motivated.  It is great because she is not asking us to do what she has not already done herself.  Her knowledge about losing weight with proper eating and working out is amazing!  Pam really cares about helping each of her clients reach our goals.

Cheryl Z. Whitter, CA

After working out with BLW I lost 30 lbs and 25 inches.  I have more energy than I had before.  I feel and look fit.  I didn’t like exercise and I hated running when I first started with Pam.  I now run 4 to 5 days a week and I also compete in 5k and 10k races.  I can also jump rope for 15 minutes without stopping and yes I still hate doing it but it works wonders for my butt, thighs and arms.  Jumping rope has helped with my endurance.

Anna T. Dana Point

This has been about improving the quality of my life, not dieting to lose.   BLW taught me that it’s okay to put myself first again and to have something for me and about me.  Thank you Pam for figuring out what your unique gifting is, then being willing to risk it all so that you could share it with others and for giving me the opportunity to benefit from all your wisdom and love.
Today, because of Pam I have regained self confidence, a TON of energy and I can RUN yes, RUN across the park without being out of breath.
I lost 28 lbs and 17.5 inches in 12-weeks.

Amber Orduna, Mission Viejo

I want to give you my deepest appreciation for pulling me through the most difficult of times in trying to lose weight.  I know as women we get on in age we tend to have a harder time losing the weight and inches.  I now am more aware of what, when and just how much of the right amounts of Proteins and Carbs I need to get me through the day.  I feel much lighter, healthier, and my clothes don’t fit as tight and maybe a size or two smaller.  Thanks to you I will continue to follow all the instructions and information you have provided me to keep up a good nutritional eating system.

Thank you Tons, (or at least pounds)  Liz

For me, the most exciting thing that I learned from BLW, and I think this made all the difference in shaping my arms and legs, was jump roping! Now my husband and I do it together and he too has lost weight because of the changes we have made. Even my kids are begging me for protein shakes, something new I have added to my way of eating. That is what I like too, the education and healthy lifestyle I am giving to my family.
Another part of this experience I appreciated is how Pam taps into more than losing weight.  She reminded me to take care of ME, to quit making excuses, to commit to yourself everyday why you are doing what you are doing and for each one of us it can be different.

Thank you Pam for your knowledge, your time, your honesty! Stephanie Hanhauser, Mission Viejo Resident

When my doctor put me on cholesterol and blood pressure medicine at 52 years of age, I knew I had to do something NOW.    I learned from BLW how to make good choices for eating out and also how to exercise for my body type.  My salt intake was very high and that was certainly not good for my blood pressure.  I have lost over 28 pounds. But I was even more excited about the 35 ½ inches I lost.
I finally found something that works for me and enjoy it too.  The whole journey with Pam has been easier than I thought and much easier than other weight loss programs I have tried.  I am learning how to make a change in my life that I can carry on and not worry about what will happen when the challenge is over because I now know what is GOOD for my body type.

Debra Corley, Laguna Hills Resident

BLWP gave me something to get me going to become a healthier me.  Then she teaches on a different subject…like protein, fiber, fats, sugars and exercise. Others topics are how food affects the body, how to order at restaurants or reading food labels at the grocery stores (these are all hands on field trips.  With the Pam’s guidance you can learn about eating wholesome foods and exercise and how they make a difference.  Follow what Pam says and you will see a healthier you.  Gardening and house cleaning have become easier for me and I feel better about myself.
Through Pam’s teachings, I have discovered that gatherings with family, friends and co-workers isn’t about the food, it’s about enjoying the people present.
I lost 24.4 lbs and 23 inches in 12-weeks.

Kay Saleen

BLW helped me 10 pounds and 10 inches in 12 weeks and feel and look great!!!  My clothes fit again but more importantly I know what my body needs now by way of fuel.  Now I have the discipline and the tools to continue pursuing a healthy active lifestyle that includes exercise on a regular basis and a diet rich with different foods and new lighter recipes minus “the gravy!”  Do yourself a favor and allow BLWP to help!!! You won’t regret it…it’s awesome to know that you’ve done this for yourself!

Leslie Locke, RSM Resident

BLW has been a wonderful addition to my life.  I have learned a lot about what to eat, how often to eat and how certain foods affect my body.  I struggled with weight for the past 5 years.  I have tried other weight loss programs they didn’t seem to work for me.  I finally made a choice to improve my life in the ways of exercise and weight control.  The meeting we would have each week help me to shed weight and keep it off.  I had high cholesterol when I started and now I have cut that in half!  My cholesterol level is great.  I have children and my youngest is 5 and I made a choice to make changes and “live”.
Thank you Pam for being such a great inspiration in my life.  Thank you for the tools you have given me and others to help me along this journey to a healthy lifestyle!
I lost 19 lbs and 9.5 inches in 12-weeks.

Candice Bussman

BLW changed my life completely.  I am so excited: my pimples are gone for good and I have skipped a size. Now I am size 8 going on 6. I have skipped size 10 completely. I had to buy new cloths because old one was sliding down from my hips. Is that the best feeling? You have been there!
Thank you very much Pam! You made it happened, you made it look easy. You are always supportive and encouraging!   I guess when you start it once-no way of giving it up.
I lost 15 lbs and 15 inches in 12-weeks.

Diana Reznik, West Hollywood Resident 

BLW helped me lose a total of 23 lbs and 29 ½ inches.  I didn’t have to buy any special food or take any shots; instead I learned what foods my body uses most efficiently.
Pam’s attention to how we see ourselves is something I think every woman should hear again and again.

Jackie Jordan, Mission Viejo Resident