Three Sessions Program

The Balanced Life Wellness Three Session program is incredibility effective and provides rapid life changing results.  Usually our clients see changes in as little as 3 sessions.  Our program is not invasive, it is an exciting adventure where we explore your life and help you develop a successful navigation plan.

Session 1 – Consultation

What can you expect to learn in our consultation meeting?

  1. Why what you have tried has failed or hasn’t had lasting results.
  2. You will also learn what will work and has lasting results.
  3. You will receive a pathway to future success.
  4. You will feel confident and excited that you now have a solution to your problem that is permanent.
  5. In Session 2 we then discover the deep cause of why you have the bad habit, where it started and why it continues.
  6. Suggestions and Imagery: sometimes changing the response to a trigger can help a client replace one habit or behavior with another, such as one deep breath to replace a cigarette.

How much does the consultation meeting cost?

Sometimes you need to take some time off from life, you need to invest in you.  In our first session you will experience an island of serenity, a place of peace where you can share your challenges in a safe, secure and comfortable environment.  You will be excited and confident as the session progresses, knowing you have made the right move to make your life better.

Session 2 – Challenge Exploration

What We Will Achieve in Session 2

During session 2, we surface the root cause of your challenge; where it started and why it continues.  You will be excited when you discover that there is a solution and the solution can be reached more easily than you imagined.

(Between Session 2 and Session 3, I design a therapeutic approach to be implemented in Session 3.)

Session 3 – Resolution

What We Will Achieve in Session 3

While you are under hypnosis we implement the therapeutic approach to help you resolve the conflicts between your conscious and subconscious minds.  Destructive habits/behaviors are replaced with constructive/effective habits/behaviors that ensure you achieve your desired results.  You are released from the cause of the problem.

Future Follow-up Sessions if needed

We review the results of the therapy and determine if there are other habits or behaviors you want to change.

So now you know how you can replace bad habits with good habits.  How you can eliminate the desire and need to smoke, to over eat, to argue and a plethora of other bad habits.  You can eliminate exercise procrastination, anxiety, problems of any type and you can enjoy fun and happy balanced life.

There is no elevator to success, you must take the stairs.  The first step is to call and schedule a consultation session.